Conference 2016 Stage 2 – Details

International Conference – CGF 2016 – September 2016 (Stage 2)


The awaited fourth edition of the International Conference for Consortium of Green Fashion (CGF) is here, which promises more interactive and dynamic activities than all the previous years combined. In sync with its vision of green fashion, the theme of this year’s conference is ‘Empowering Khadi and Handloom’.

Authenticity plays the key factor of this conference. The true purest definition of Khadi & Handloom is suggested as the mission of the conference. The aim is to increase the acceptability of Khadi among the youth and to sensitize the young fashion talent for innovation in Handloom. Right direction and encouragement to follow these green footsteps by giving them experience and guidance, is the new approach taken this year. This is to be achieved by one-on-one interaction with Educationalist, Fashion Icons and Artisans for a consistent 3 months brainstorming session with an idealistic approach towards Green Fashion.

The following are Activities of CGF for 2016 -

  • Creative surfaces in Khadi and Handloom (Individual Contribution,    Student- Artisan).
  • Value Addition to Khadi- Product Centric/ Process Centric/ Processor Centric. (This is for consideration of paper presentation).
  • Quality enhancement in Khadi and Handloom (Group of Two Students, One Teacher & Artisans / NGO).
  • Innovations in Design in Khadi and Handloom (Group of Students min.6- maximum 8, Artisan/ NGO, Educationalist.
  • Promotion and Branding of Khadi and Handloom Artisans.
  • Consumer Awareness for Khadi and Handloom.

These activities are part of the International Conference for CGF that is to take place at M.S. Univeristy of Baroda, Vadodara in September 2016. The event is supported by Pidilite Industries Limited. The true nature of Khadi and Handloom will bloom through the design competitions, exhibitions and paper presentations. To support the research and thorough process for this conference, workshops and seminar sessions as a part of grooming session are being provided on 5th and 6th of February 2016, in School of Fashion Technology campus, Pune.

The trusted believers of the green cause from the industry have been invited to lead the students in the right direction. Through their role as advisors for this preliminary session, they give guidance required for the whole process of the conference.

  • Insight into the Indian Handloom Industry – It’s Journey, challenges and Opportunity, will be provided by Mr. Bijan Paul and Dr. Himadri Ghosh.
  • Quality concerns in Khadi and Handlooms will be discussed by Mr. Rahul Bhajekar and Mr. Albert Rigo.
  • Design Innovations leads will be given by Mr. Hemang Agrawal and Ms. Bina Rao.

Schedule for Day 1 – 5th February 2016

Day and Date Time Activity Details
5 th February 2016Pune 10.30 am – 11.30 am Inauguration of the Workshop and Seminar at the hands of Arch. Mohana Kadam, President, CGF and Mr. Rajesh Balakrishnan, Chairman, CGF.
11.30 am – 1 pm Session by Dr. Himadri Ghosh and Mr. Bijan Paul – Khadi- It’s Journey, challenges and opportunities
1 pm to 2 pm Lunch Break
2 pm to 3.30 pm Mr. Albert Rigo and Mr. Rahul Bhajekar – Quality Concerns in Handlooms and Khadi
3.30 pm to 5.30 Competitions
1. Fabric Mural Competition using Pidilite Fabric Glue on the basis of the given theme.
2. Fabric Embroidery Competition using Pidilite Liquid Embroidery on the basis of the given theme.
- Guidelines will be provided by experts.
- The Fabrics utilized shall be only Khadi and Handlooms.
- This will be a Group Activity of 3 students.

Schedule for Day 2 – 6th February 2016

Day and Date Time Activity Details
6th  February 2016Pune 10 am -  1 pm Mr. Hemang Agrawal and Ms. Bina Rao – Design Innovation ( Workshop cum Seminar)
1 pm – 2 pm Lunch Break
2 pm to 4.30 pm Workshop by Promostyl, Paris International Expert on Trend Forecasting for Khadi and Handloom
4.30 pm  to 5.00 pm Concluding Session and Vote of Thanks

 Ongoing Display and Exhibition by internationally acclaimed Khadi Weavers and Producers, on both the days