Conference 2016 Stage 1 – Pune

Pune Chapter – CGF 2016 – 5th & 6th February 2016 (Stage 1)

It gives us immense pleasure to announce the fourth edition of “Consortium of Green Fashion International Conference” which has been proposed to be held on the September 2016.

For the year 2016, CGF takes pleasure to announce the following Activities:


The Theme of the Event is Empowering Handloom and Khadi

The Aim of this activity is -

To sensitize the young fashion talents for innovations in Handlooms.( To make Khadi glamorous so as to increase the acceptability by youth)

(Reasoning- The young generation seems very positive and sensitive towards their responsibilities but little hesitant to practice it due to many reasons. If they get right direction it may lead to noticeable change in acceptance of Khadi and Handloom in Youth.

The present conference aims at churning out the Sensitivities of this young generation by giving them experiences and guidance through various activities and inputs.)

The Activities of CGF for 2016 are as below: -

-Creative surfaces in Handloom and Khadi, (Individual Contribution, Student- Artisan))

- Value Addition to Khadi- Product Centric/ Process Centric/ Processor Centric. (For consideration of paper presentation)

-Quality enhancement in Handloom and Khadi, (Group of Two Students –One Teacher & Artisans / NGO)

-Innovations in Design in Handloom and Khadi (Group of Students min.6- maximum 8, Artisan/ NGO, Educationalist

- Promotion and Branding of Khadi and Handloom Artisans.

- Consumer Awareness for Khadi and Handloom

- To support the Research CGF committee shall provide Workshops and Seminar sessions to these groups on 5th and 6th of February 2016.

The Workshops will cover interaction with Artisans and Designers. (It will be based on Natural Dyeing, Traditional Printing, Painting Technics.)

Seminar on Design Innovation / Quality in Khadi and Handlooms.

Application of Forecasting Trends in Khadi and Handlooms.