Design Competition 2015

Consortium of Green Fashion

An Initiative of School of Fashion Technology and DyStar is pleased to announce

Green Fashion 2015 in Association with Nirmala Niketan College of Home Science,

Department of Textile and Fashion Technology – Mumbai.

If you are innovative, creative, and have worked or you wish to work on Unique Green Fashion Initiatives then this Green Design Competition is for you!

With the mission to increase ecological awareness in textile and fashion industry by establishing a premier forum that continuously facilitates research and promotes Green Fashion, to make “Green Fashion – A Way of Life”, CGF announces its third edition of Green Fashion Design Competition.

Main Conference Details:

Main Theme

Green Fashion in Action through

  • Reduce
  • Recycle
  • Reuse
  • The Competition revolves around the idea to present green fashion design in action and to represent the future of green fashion globally.
  • Students will all work on the same material, so judgment for Jury is easier and creativity can be really measured.


  • All students will either work with Organic Poplin 130 g/m² and / or Organic Batist 80 g/m² white
  • Material for final competition will be sponsored by Lebenskleidung (approx. 12 to 18 Meters)


  • Group size max. 4 students per group.
  • Each group can hand in a collection of minimum 4 and maximum 6 outfits (men and women’s wear should be equal) as drawings AND technical drawings (patterns) in phase one.
  • Collection can be handed in 1st phase as drawing, photography or graphic (high resolution ALL PDF ONLY! ALL MATERÌAL HANDED IN VIA E-MAIL.
  • Technical drawings for front and back (patterns) are mandatory.
  • Fabric usage per group limited to 12 meter to 18 meter fabric (can be half-half Poplin and Batist).
  • Accessories and 10-20% usage of own material possible including buttons, zippers etc.
  • Concept of why collection is sustainable has to be included (max. 1 page).
  • Mood boards can be handed in as well.

Exciting Honors:

The Global Winner will receive exciting cash prizes and the prestigious CGF Winner Institution of the Year Award 2015:


I) Best design collection

II) Most sustainable design collection

III) Most commercial design collection

IV) Special jury award

 Time-Line for activities:

The participating colleges are required to send a minimum 1 entry or max. 4 entries of Collection consisting of 4 to 6 garments. This collection may be individual or up to group of 4 students only. The first Jury requirement:

  • Mood Board
  • Story Board
  • Concept Note supporting main Objective of Consortium. (Why the collection is sustainable?)
  • Final Sketches/Photographs

1st phase as drawing, photography or graphic (high resolution ALL PDF ONLY! ALL MATERÌAL HANDED IN VIA E-MAIL-,


Technical Drawings for Front and Back are mandatory. It should reflect a fabric usage between 12 mts. and 18 mts. (Can be have half Poplin and half Batist). Candidates may consider surface ornamentation that falls only in the category of GREEN or may use supplementary materials not more approx. 35% and should fall in the category of GREEN.

The presentation should be on A4 size, concept note should not be more than 300 words.

The colleges required to send this before 22nd December 2014.

 Announcement of the selected 12 best collections across India via CGF website or Mail on 3rd January 2015.
 The selected colleges will work on their collections of 4 to 6 garments each and will bring them for the show on 8th February 2015 at Nirmala Niketan College of Home Science, Mumbai at 9 am.
All 12 collections will be entitled to do the individual shows on their own during the first day of CGF conference. The collections are required to be presented on the ramp using their own models. Music system and Lights will be provided by CGF.These selected colleges will be awarded the certificate of appreciation on the day of the show.

Judging Criteria – The panel of Jury will consist –

-          Two renowned fashion designers who have contributed to Green Fashion.

-          One international fashion designer contributed to Green Fashion.

-          One Fashion Journalist of high repute.

-          One Technologist who has contributed to Green Fashion.

-          One member from Academics.

* CGF reserves the right to make necessary changes as and when required.

 Commercials for National / International participants (Selected Entries)

Fashion Show Competition

   National  International
 Registration Fee per collection

 Rs. 3000/-

 USD 70

Payment to be made in the name of Consortium of Green Fashion payable at Pune, INDIA by Demand Draft only by national participants.

For international participants the particulars of bank details would be provided on request.

For More Details: Contact: Dr. Ela Manoj Dedhia:

                                                                Mr. Satyajit Joglekar:

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