Future Plans

Future Plans

Future plans & Influence on the society as a whole
The Consortium of Green Fashion envisions and believes in creating awareness and promotes Green Fashion through Fashion Research- for Industries and Designers Research and Paper Publication related to Sustainable or Eco-process involved during various stages of Textile Supply Chain.

Related topics would be:

  • Green Fashion, its contribution and possible application in Indian Fashion Industry.
  • Improvement in Supply Chain Management.
  • Productivity Improvement.
  • The supplementary knowledge related to the fashion forecast in relation with garment Industry.
  • Quality improvement through color solutions, eco solutions and quality solutions.
  • New developments or sustainable processes involved in fibre manufacturing and dyeing/ printing stage
  • Sustainable process involved in fabric manufacturing and dyeing/printing stage.
  • Recycling, up cycling and fair trade in fashion and garment industry
  • Energy consumption, water consumption- carbon footprints at each level of the textile supply chain.

Fashion enhancement- for NGO’S, Handlooms and Handicrafts


  • Small Fashion Entrepreneurs.
  • Interactive training programs to enhance and upgrade the product range through Value addition and Skill Development.
  • Product promotions through Fashion Shows, Exhibitions. Promotions of Eco-Fashion clothes made by using recycled and reused textiles.

Education- for Individuals


  • Academic Program which will inspire students – as the next generation of industry players- to raise standards for fashion industry of the future. Go more Greener/follow sustainable practices.
  • Training programs for unskilled people in handicrafts.
  • Cluster Development.
  • Training for budding designers, unorganized industry in the social code of conduct.
  • Trend forecast knowledge related to Indian fashion market.

Our international and national partners have already been contributing to Consortium activities by conducting workshops, seminars and research activities.
Consortium of Green Fashion: Future Plans
Till the date, the consortium has acquired an excellent support through various national and international organizations. The upcoming activities such as Green Fashion Design International competition, International conference on Green Fashion, seems very promising to educate the possible audience about the importance and practice of Green Fashion. The efforts that have been contributed by various organizations will get a dais for presentation of their best Green Efforts. So far there is no forum which is encouraging and endorsing the efforts taken by individuals and industries, the consortium of green Fashion will have a cluster of Experts who will endorse the genuine contribution to the Green Fashion. Consortium of Green Fashion is churning all type of communities such as craftsman, designers, industrialists, fashion students, fashion educators to acquire the right inputs so as to reach to a final goal of Consortium i.e. Green Fashion – A way of Life .